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    How Jesus Shaped are we?

    The parish of St Mary in the Baum, Rochdale has recently completed the Jesus Shaped People (JSP) discipleship programme in preparation for Mission Action Planning. The course is designed for poor parishes and estate ministries, but all will benefit from its simplicity and accessible language.

    Simple to use but challenging, it asks people to look at the life of Jesus in a fresh way and ask the question, “What would happen if our life as a church reflected Jesus’ priorities?” The course lasts 15 weeks.


    Revd Sue Morgan, who ran the course at St Mary’s, said “This course helps church members of all ages to re-focus on Jesus (rather than the buildings, Faculties, lack of money, and problems that so often claim our attention). The JSP course follows five main priorities in the ministry of Jesus as documented in the Gospels: people, teaching, team building, prayer, prophetic challenge.


    The founder of the course, Canon Gordon Dey used the illustration of a jigsaw. He said that all of us have picked up bits of information, and stories about Jesus, but for many of us these have been ‘bits’, rather than the ‘whole picture’. This course will confront us with the questions: “Will we allow Jesus and His priorities to have central place in our re-shaped hearts?” “Will we allow Jesus to re-shape the future of our churches and communities?”


    This is a ‘whole church discipleship adventure’, rooted in every area of parish life and every house group (resources are provided for small groups, children and young people). The first three weeks focus on Jesus’ response to people: people on the streets, people on the edge, people’s real needs.

    This course is particularly designed for poor parishes and estate ministries, but all will benefit from following it.

    Sue added, “I found the emphasis on prayer in weeks 10-12 to be especially helpful. This adventure will fit any parish worship pattern, and is not easily pigeon-holed into a ‘tradition’ box.”

    For further information on JSP contact: Canon Gordon Dey on 01274 499781; gordondey1@gmail.com

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