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    Pray deeply, see clearly, act boldly

    Following lots of prayer, setting up Pre-School Praise at St Mary’s Prestwich has attracted young families and enriched Sunday worship.

    If you are in the vicinity of St Mary’s Church in Prestwich at coffee time on a Thursday morning you will hear the church bells ringing and see a convoy of mums and dads, pushing baby buggies, heading down Church Lane to the parish church.

    They are there for the weekly Pre-School Praise which regularly attracts 70-80 people. Parents and carers find a warm welcome at the church and gather to sing songs, say prayers, hear bible stories, enjoy playing together and eat ‘the most fantastic cake in Prestwich!’ People always leave with a printed invitation to the service on Sunday and a prayer and Bible text to take home.

    Watch our short video

    Priest in Charge, Chris Wedge, is amazed how Pre-School Praise has taken off and met a need. He says: “We’ve tried to meet people where they’re at and meet their spiritual needs and social needs."

    “Our experience has been that when you pray about what’s the right thing to do, God will deeply and richly bless what you do.”

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