Diocese of Manchester

    Faith communities stand together

    "Sometimes the unspeakable has to be met with the unanswerable. In the moments that followed the attack on people in the foyer of Manchester Arena on Monday night, individuals from every walk of life and every faith-community in the region found themselves in a network of emergency care that instinctively they knew they had to offer - first aid, shelter, company, transport and the clasp of a hand in the night. 

    "That same instinct, to stand together, no matter the cost, greeted the sunlight as I took a call early in the morning to summon the region's Faith Leaders together", writes Steve Williams, Interfaith Officer for the diocese.

    A vigil was hurridly organised to take place at Albert Square last Tuesday evening. Bishop, Imam and Rabbi stood side by side with Hindu, Sikh and Jain representatives as together they faced the world alongside the Chief Constable and the leaders of city and region, Manchester Town Hall behind them. Their message was summed up by the Bishop of Manchester in an appeal to and from a common humanity: "Love wins."

    This set the tone for the many vigils and acts of solidarity that were to follow. 

    Civic and Faith leaders gathered again in Manchester Cathedral for a quiet time of reflection eight days after the attack. They pledged to stand together against hate and hatred; united as one, regardless of their differences; and to build afresh a safer, stronger Greater Manchester. 

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