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    Gift Aid Lite is growing

    Changes to Gift Aid that have the potential to increase income and make life easier. Parishes will soon be able to accept donations by card, contactless and direct debit.

    Sue Warren, Gift Aid Adviser explains, “New developments will give Gift Aid secretaries more detail and enable parishes to receive donations in a wider variety of ways. Banking is changing and it’s vital that churches keep pace.”

    So does this mean that envelope schemes, or the giving of cash, are being done away with? “Not at all! People will still be able to give in whatever way they choose, but churches will also be able to receive donations by card and contactless. This potentially represents considerable additional income, especially as contactless donations can be included in a GASDS claim.”

    Giving by Direct Debit will also be possible. This will give donors the option to automatically increase their giving annually by inflation, if they choose. Static giving is an issue that every church faces, and inflation-proofed giving is one way of tackling this.

    The Church needs to catch up quickly to modern trends – payments and donations by non-cash methods are commonplace in everyday life, and yet churches lag behind. The new system will make life easier for Gift Aid secretaries. It’s also a great opportunity to talk about money, giving and finance." 

    If you have any questions about Gift Aid, please contact Sue Warren on 0161 828 1424; susanwarren@manchester.anglican.org

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