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    New Lent, new me

    Lent will soon be upon us and, as for as many years back as I remember, I will be significantly cutting back on alcohol. It's a regular discipline that helps me to set and maintain the tone of the season, and to appreciate Easter all the more when it arrives. I'm also planning to restrict my engagement with social media. I'll still put out tweets about things I am involved in, as I want to be open with people about how my time and energies are being spent in God's service. But I hope to spend rather less of my leisure time following links to websites, blogs and newspaper articles.

    These two disciplines are very different. I have every desire and intention of returning to a modest level of alcohol consumption come Easter, but I hope that a practice of being more discerning with social media will stick. Over the years some of the best and most enduring changes to my lifestyle have begun with committing to a change just for Lent. Repeatedly I have found that I both wanted to keep the new discipline going permanently afterward, and had the combination of God's grace and my own willpower to do so.

    Please pray for me in my Lenten discipline, and if you want to let me know what yours will be, I will pray for you too.

    You can contact Bishop David via his webpage.


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