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    Need to talk? GP prescribes the vicar!

    A GP practice in Denton has asked the local vicar to pop into the surgery once a month to listen to patients who might not be ill, but desperately need someone to talk to.

    The Revd Miles Howarth, Vicar of Christ Church Denton, was delighted when the Millgate Practice next door to the church asked him for help. The church has been looking for ways to reach out to the community and this seemed like an answer to prayer.

    Now, when one the GPs recognises that a patient is troubled and needs to offload their concerns they can call on Miles and his volunteers for help through a scheme called Listening Ear.

    Dr Ali Lea, said “We were thinking of how difficult life is for lots of people and how we often don’t have time to give what we want to give. Many people are struggling with worries about a loved one, issues at work, money problems or need support after a bereavement. With only ten-minute appointments available we don’t have time to listen as we would like to.

    “Often people just want someone to listen to them but there is no one they can confide in. We are pleased to be able to offer them an appointment with someone who will listen to them in confidence.”

    Both the Practice and church see Listening Ear as an opportunity to reach out to the community in their own ways. They are looking at further ways to provide joint support, including a monthly Bereavement Café.

    Millgate Medical Practice

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