Diocese of Manchester

    Clergy back Safe Car Wash campaign

    Manchester's bishops and archdeacons showed their support for a national campaign to end modern slavery at hand car washes launched by the Church of England and the Catholic Church. They took a break from a meeting to wash cars to draw attention to the Safe Car Wash campaign.

    Drivers are being encouraged to join an unprecedented national information-gathering campaign by downloading and using the Safe Car Wash app on their smart phones. Users pinpoint their exact location using GPS and are then taken through a  series of indicators of modern slavery. They range from practical details - such as whether workers have suitable protective clothing - to behavioural clues, such as whether they appear withdrawn. If the answers indicate a high likelihood, users will be directed to the Modern Slavery Helpline. 

    The Safe Car Wash campaign has the backing of police, anti-slavery campaigners and councils. Estimates suggest that 24,000 car wash workers are being exploited.

    Find out more by visiting the Clewer Initiative website.

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