Diocese of Manchester

    A learning church?

    For many, September marks a time of fresh beginnings. Some 60,000 children will be settling into new classes in our Church Schools this month, and even more students will be starting or returning to universities in Manchester, Salford and Bolton.

    The process of education doesn't end with leaving school or graduation. In a typical year we have around 50 men and women training for ordination, while others are training as Readers and ALMs, or doing the diocesan Foundations for Ministry course. For every one person who is starting a formal accredited course there should be many who are simply seeking to deepen and broaden their knowledge and understanding of different aspects of our faith.

    And that's the challenge I want to set for us all this autumn. Can you think and pray about one area of our faith or life that you want to know more about, or to engage with more deeply? It may involve nothing more strenuous than reading a book or two, or finding resources on the internet. If you're not sure, ask your local clergy for help. Let's make the Diocese of Manchester a learning church for all ages.

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