Diocese of Manchester

    Mapping the future

    This month marks a crucial stage in our Fit for Mission work. By the end of November all parishes should have fully completed a Mission Action Plan, using the authorised format. At the same time an external evaluation of the Fit for Mission programme is assessing our progress to date, and will advise us on how we roll out the next phases of the work for maximum effect.

    I've been greatly encouraged over recent months by the energy and passion I have found when we have brought diverse people together to explore our mission opportunities and priorities. There is no lack of vision in the Diocese of Manchester for our three aims of growing the church, serving society and nurturing disciples, in order to be Church for a Different World.

    Mission Action Plans set out how that vision might look at the most local level. Seeing the patterns that emerge across them will help those of us with responsibility for providing support and resources to put our efforts into what God is wanting to bless.

    Planning ahead is never the antithesis of waiting upon God; rather it is the means by which we open ourselves up to hear His voice.


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