Diocese of Manchester

    The MAP deadline approaches

    Churches have been asked to get their Mission Action Plans in by the end of November. 

    Many churches have already begun putting their MAP into action while other are working on the finishing touches. 

    If you are yet to finish your Mission Action Plan, here are a few tips for you:

    • Be outward looking. Make sure it’s not just about getting people into your building but include getting out to where people are.
    • Build up your laity. Whatever materials you use and whatever you call it, ensure that people are being built up in their discipleship/Christian formation/skills and confidence. Jesus Shaped PeopleAlphaPilgrim etc. are all good resources for this.
    • Ensure that people can find you online. It’s not hard to have a decent web presence through A Church Near You and the diocese is providing free social media workshops. You could be an excellent church but if people can’t find you online for many people you may as well not exist!
    • Don’t put money first! You may well need to increase giving and income but don’t make this priority. Tell people what exciting things you are going to be doing and then tell them that you need to increase income to help them happen.
    • Think about your partners. The other churches of the deanery, the local council, a community group, a national charity, another local church or even other faith group. Who are the people that you will work with?
    • Is there a breadth to your plan? Check your plan against the five marks of mission to see if you’re missing something out.
    • Be focused. Set some priorities for the next 18 months and don’t be afraid to say that some things will be addressed later.
    • Fill out the activity plan! Too often we have good intentions that come to nothing because we don’t commit to who is doing it when. The activity plan is there to help you work through your priorities to make them happen. Use it!
    • Ask for help. If you’re stuck or just could do with a little help talk to Andy Salmon

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