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    The extra mile

    January is the month when we remember and retell the story of the wise men who came from the East, bearing gifts for the infant Jesus. God had led them by the star as far as Jerusalem, at which point they thought they were now close to their journey's end. However, when they asked the authorities where the promised new king might be found, they were directed on to somewhere they had never expected, Bethlehem. Their travels were not quite over yet.

    I'd like to challenge us all, at this Epiphanytide and start of a New Year, to take that as a metaphor for our own journey with God. We may feel we have arrived with our faith exactly where we planned to be. But I suspect, for the vast majority of us, God has some further steps he would urge us to take. How can we journey deeper into our faith this year?

    Like the wise men, what can we do more of than we ever anticipated? It might be the time we give to God in prayer or worship, it might be to get more involved in the practical care that our parish or congregation provides to those in deep need. It might be to dig deeper into our purses and pockets, to increase our giving. Whatever it is, let’s take inspiration from those wise men of old, and go the extra mile.


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