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    Lucy's heart for homeless people

    Lucy Hepburn, a year 8 pupil at Canon Slade School and member of St John’s Church, Wingates in Westhoughton, has long wanted to find a way to help homeless people but was repeatedly told she is too young to volunteer.

    Then one day she was on the bus home from school when she realised she could knit scarves and then give them out to the homeless people in Bolton.

    She told CRUX, “I have so far knitted 16 scarves, and I have also saved up my pocket money and used it to buy 13 more scarves plus some hats, gloves and blankets.

    “I recently went to a concert in Manchester with Mum, and we came across a poor homeless man lying across the pavement. He wasn’t begging, but had just collapsed and fallen asleep on the cold concrete. It was heartbreaking to see. He looked so unwell and so cold. I really wanted to help him, so we looked at what we had in our car, and we found a small furry pillow, a bottle of water, a cardigan to use as a blanket, and I gave him my bag of sweets. We also wrote a note to him, telling him how much God loves him, and that he really matters to God.

    “It was so amazing to be able to share God’s love with him that night, and to feel like I could help him even just a little bit. This has made me even more excited about my scarf project and how many more people I could help! I feel like God has shown me that even though I am only 12, I can still make a difference.

    “I am asking people to donate any hats, scarves, gloves, blankets or sleeping bags, so that together we can help even more homeless people. My church has been really supportive!”

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