Diocese of Manchester

    A chosen faith

    I'm often deeply impressed at the faith of those who have first encountered the gospel in adult life. Some have come from no religious background at all, while others have converted to become Christians from some other faith. They may well have had to pay a high price for their new beliefs in terms of hostility from their families and friends. Indeed, there are many whose decision to follow Jesus Christ means that it is unsafe for them to return to their former homeland. With Manchester being one of the most diverse cities in Europe, it's not surprising that we have a good number of new Christians here from very different backgrounds.

    What they hold in common is an awareness that faith is not something to be worn lightly. It isn't some kind of fashion accessory or cultural conformity, but the very centre of one’s being. Many of our parishes and congregations now contain people who have undertaken such major journeys of faith. If we are prepared to set aside time to listen to their stories we can learn a great deal from them about how to live our beliefs more deeply. 

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