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    Church of England steps up environmental programme

    The Church of England will step up its environmental programme in response to the escalating threat of Climate Change, General Synod voted overwhelmingly today.

    A motion brought by the dioceses of London and Truro was approved, committing the Church to accelerating its existing Environmental Programme (CoEEP), and calling on every diocese to put in place an environmental programme overseen by a designated member of the bishop’s staff team.

    The possibility of a standard tool to monitor CO2 emissions in churches, cathedrals and church halls will also be explored.

    Building on the Church of England’s previous initiative ‘Shrinking the Footprint,’ The Environmental Working Group of the Church of England will promote communication and peer reviews between dioceses.

    Making his maiden speech, the Bishop of Truro, Philip Mounstephen, introduced the motion, saying: “Climate change cannot be a matter of indifference for any of us and we cannot underestimate the seriousness of this. Behind this motion is a fundamental desire to see us, as a church, recover our prophetic edge."

    "When we meet with our brothers and sisters from the Lambeth Conference next year, we need to be able to say ‘we’ve heard your pain and we’re doing all that we can, with God’s help, to make a difference.'”

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