Diocese of Manchester

    Standing Together

    Today We Stand Together with all New Zealanders, horrified by acts of brutality and hate. We send our heartfelt condolences to the families of the murdered, the injured and all those affected by these atrocious crimes.

    Whether perpetrated on a Mosque in Christchurch, a Synagogue in Pittsburgh, a Church in Quetta or anywhere else, acts of violence motivated by intolerance and hatred have no place in our world.

    It is for all of us to challenge any whose views promote prejudice and work for mutual understanding and respect where all can practice free speech and free expression as long as that is not harmful to others.

    Jonny Wineberg, Director of Operations, writes: “Mosques are a place for peaceful worship and community harmony. These acts of terror are anathema to that. Britain knows only too well the scourge of terrorism and we hope that the response is one of love and unity in the face of adversity.”

    Sir Peter Fahy, Chair of #WeStandTogether, writes: “Manchester was an example to the world when people from all backgrounds stood together against hatred after the Arena terrorist attack and we are sure people in New Zealand will do the same. We cannot let hate win.”

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