Diocese of Manchester

    Call to prayer for Brexit

    All three bishops serving the Diocese of Manchester have called for churches to join in with five days of national prayer for unity as the deadline for Brexit approaches. 

    Churches will be encouraged to host informal café-style meetings over the weekend of 30 March to bring together people of all standpoints and encourage open discussion.

    Backed by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, resources launched today at www.churchofengland.org/together include prayers for use in services and special gatherings. They also include invitations for people to ‘get together and chat over a cup of tea and pray for our country and our future’. The prayers and events will go ahead, even if the date for Brexit is delayed.

    St Chad's Rochdale hosted Brexit prayers and conversation. You can listen in on BBC Sounds, starting at 05:27.

    Brexit will be a cause of celebration for some and lament for others, but one thing is clear - we can no longer continue to define one other by how we voted in the referendum. The time has come for communities to come together to serve the common good, in our nation and in our relationship with the rest of Europe.

    The Bishop of Manchester, Dr David Walker, said, "Ahead of the 2016 referendum, the faith leaders of Greater Manchester committed themselves to working for the unity of all our people, in the face of the divisions brought on by the Brexit process. That commitment will be even more important in the days ahead."
    The Bishop of Bolton, Mark Ashcroft, said, "At significant times in the life of the nation, it is really important that the church takes a lead in praying for our nation, in helping communities to stand together as one, and having a particular concern for the most vulnerable in our communities. So I do encourage churches to use the Resources that are available."
    The Bishop of Middleton, Mark Davies, said, "Worship and prayer are at the heart of everything we do. I hope that our churches, schools and chaplaincies will use these resources as we commit ourselves to pray for the life of our nation and for the well being of every community at this significant time.” 
    Invitation for communities to come together

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