Diocese of Manchester

    Our constant hope

    It plays havoc with school timetables and complicates many people's holiday arrangements, but I quite like the fact that the date of Easter can vary, by up to a month or more, from one year to the next. It reminds me that the joyful news of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the proof of his sonship, the assurance of our hope, cannot be confined to any one day in the secular diary.

    Jesus conquers all constraints, not just the calendar, but even death itself. He invites us to join him to break the barriers that seek to deaden you and me. In his company we can journey on boldly, fearful of neither change itself nor the pace of unpredictable change which typifies our present era. In the light of Easter all becomes new, and we can share in God's work of renewing ourselves and the whole of creation.

    Those five familiar words, Church for a Different World,are sometimes referred to as the diocesan strapline, but they are far more than that. They are our rallying cry, our call to action. Individually and in our churches, through our private deeds and our Mission Action Plans, we identify the changes in the world around us, and seek to be ourselves a force for change. We are an Easter People. And that's true whatever the date in our diaries may say.

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