Diocese of Manchester

    Vote in Good Faith

    Statement issued by Greater Manchester Faith Community Leaders

    We will vote on May 23rd. We urge all people in our communities to vote.

    We did not expect these European elections. But, no matter how briefly those elected will sit in the European Parliament, we should all take part. Our communities' health depends upon it. Everyone has the chance to express their view. If we abstain, can we complain? If we stay at home, we may be saying “Yes” to a political vision that will destroy our society.

    That is why we urge all people to vote – and why we ask all candidates to promote positive relationships between all of our communities. We ask each of them to reject and condemn any form of racism, xenophobia, discrimination, violence or harassment. All of these have no place in a civilised society.

    We also seek candidates’ support for actions that address serious major changes in climate, environment and bio-diversity, whose impact will be felt by many.

    We respect the unusual circumstances in which these elections have come about. We call on everyone to uphold the democratic values that underpin legitimate debate between people who, with sincerity and integrity, have major differences of view.

    The right to vote has been hard won. Let’s cherish, protect and use it.  

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