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    In the years before clergy had Ministerial Development Reviews, a wise nun from Whitby acted as my work consultant. Once, in preparing to meet with her, I made a list of all the things I did and then arranged them under headings according to what role I was in when I was doing them. 

    I chaired the PCC as vicar, presided at the Eucharist as priest, but what amazed me was how much of my time and my activities came under the headings of “baptised Christian” and “member of the local church”. Praying at home, reading the bible, collecting for Christian Aid, volunteering with a Housing Association, serving on the civil Parish Council, giving a tenth of my income to church and charity - none of these either required ordination or particularly benefited from it.

    Next month we will be launching #MoreThanSunday. It’s a lay-led project that focuses on all that we do as followers of Jesus that doesn’t require a special calling. It will offer ideas and challenges about how we can live out our faith and deepen our discipleship across all seven days of the week. There will be podcasts and reflections to inspire us, along with actions that we can try to challenge and strengthen our everyday faith. It won’t be about cramming yet more into already over busy lives, but will acknowledge what we’re already doing and encourage us to see faith and life as a single journey, deeper into the heart of God. 


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