Diocese of Manchester

    Changes to Marriage Registration

    As some clergy are already aware, the way in which marriages are registered is set to change shortly. As this is dependent on regulatory change being made at the General Register Office, the exact date that the changes will come into effect is not yet known but it is expected to be before the end of this year.

    However, the changes mean that Marriage Registers and Marriage Certificates (issued at the time of the wedding) will be replaced with a Marriage Document which will be prepared by the officiating priest before the wedding. At the ceremony, the Marriage Document will be signed by the couple, their witnesses and the officiating priest but the couple (NOT the officiating priest) will then need to ensure that the Marriage Document is deposited at the local Register Office within 7 days of the date of the wedding. The local Superintendent Registrar will then record the details and issue the couple with a Marriage Certificate (for which there will be a fee).

    The Registry will therefore be writing to clergy with updates upon these changes in due course and offer training when we have more information. For the time being we recommend that you refer to the website of the Faculty Office (http://www.facultyoffice.org.uk/special-licences/marriage-law-news/) for the current available information.

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