Diocese of Manchester

    Change to archdeacon arrangements

    Bishop David has announced changes to the archdeaconry arrangements:

    We are currently preparing to bid farewell to the Venerable Cherry Vann, as she leaves our diocese to become the Bishop of Monmouth. As we do so, I have been considering with the remaining archdeacons and my other senior colleagues how best to serve the needs of the diocese at this time. We have concluded that it is right not to make a new appointment, but to reorganise the roles of the remaining three archdeacons.

    In due course, the Venerable David Sharples will become the new Archdeacon of Rochdale, whilst remaining a residentiary canon of the Cathedral. The Venerable Jean Burgess has agreed to become Archdeacon of Salford in addition to being Archdeacon of Bolton. The Archdeaconry of Manchester will not be directly affected by these changes, although the Venerable Karen Lund will consider, with her archdeacon colleagues, how their diocesan-wide responsibilities may best be redistributed between them.

    I am grateful to our archdeacons for their willingness to entertain these changes. They and I recognise that such a change is made necessary by the current financial position of the diocese. It follows reductions in the number of staff at Church House, which have had the same aim of limiting reductions in numbers of front-line stipendiary clergy whilst stabilising the diocese’s finances. We shall keep under review whether the workload and practicalities of having three archdeacons is sustainable. I suspect that a key factor in this will be the support given by the proposed seven full-time area deans. This, in turn, will be dependent upon the outcome of the current consultation about reducing the number of deaneries from 20 to seven.

    It will take a few months to put these new arrangements wholly in place. In the interim, from 1 December 2019 the Venerable David Sharples will be given delegated authority in matters pertaining to the Archdeaconry of Rochdale. As support during this period, I am pleased to announce that the Reverend Canon Karen Smeeton is to become temporary assistant archdeacon. Canon Smeeton will remain Area Dean of Rochdale and Vicar of St Clement, Spotland and St George, Oakenrod,

    We are living through a time of accelerating change in our diocese. But I am confident for the future, knowing that God’s purpose is to bless his church. I pray that we may be faithful to God’s calling as, together, we become a Church for a Different World.

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