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    Isonen on the Road 2020

    We are extremely excited to be launching our year long leadership adventure again for 2020 for young people between 15/16 and 18 years old called ISONEN ON THE ROAD in partnership with our friends in the Diocese of Tampere, Finland. The aim of the year is to give a group of 6 young people from the Diocese of Manchester the opportunity to explore areas of leadership; develop their gifts, skills and talents; and grow their Christian faith and friendships with young people from both Manchester and Tampere.

    The year starts in February 2020 and comes to an end in January 2021 Over the year the UK team will meet once a month, there will be 2 reciprocal weekends (one in Manchester and one in Tampere) and the team will be Isonen (pronounced ee-so-nen) on the Scargill Confirmation Camp in the summer, along with the Finnish team. 

    Download further details and Application Form.

    There are only 6 places available on the year so please make sure that your application comes back to us by Friday 6 January either by post or by email

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