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    Easter message from Bishop David

    The Easter message, this year as every year, is a message of hope. The Easter story is, in my view, the greatest love story of all time, the story of God’s love for his creation. A love that runs so deep that it can even embrace the execution of Jesus, God himself, sent by his father to spread that message of love. This is the love that undergirds Christian hope. God loves us too much to allow us to be destroyed forever, whether by a pandemic virus or otherwise. It is a hope that begins in this earthly life and is for this life; though I believe we only fully achieve it beyond the grave.

    Hope is much more than mere optimism. Hope acknowledges suffering and sorrow, yet asserts there is still a meaning and a purpose in human life. Hope tells us it is worth caring for our neighbours, worth striving for a better, more just society. Hope insists that every little thing we do to increase love in the world will make a real difference.

    Amid the proper fears and concerns we all have as this new illness stalks our land, there are many signs of hope visible in Manchester. Neighbours are providing a helping hand to those unable to get to the shops. Existing and new volunteers are coming forward to help out in our health service, in charities, and among the homeless. Many of those unable to come together in person are finding new ways to gather on line, or are keeping in touch with the lonely by telephone. We are discovering the value of sharing a common moment, lighting a candle or coming out of our front doors to applaud our health workers. Such signs of hope, like spring buds, are appearing all around us.

    So, even in this most troubling of times, I wish you a happy, and a hopeful Easter.


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