Diocese of Manchester

    GM Faith Community Leaders statement on George Floyd's death and its aftermath

    In light of recent and current protests related to the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis on 25 May 2020, Greater Manchester Faith Community Leaders affirm their rejection of racism in all its forms and stand in solidarity with George Floyd’s family in their bereavement and mourning. We believe all people irrespective of race or creed have a right to life, respect and honour as part of a big family.

    We represent people of faith from many communities across Greater Manchester. As we stand together, we deplore the misuse of the symbols of any faith for divisive or partisan purposes.We long for the day when our society honours our common values of peace and respect for all, when people are not judged by the colour of their skin but by their contribution to humanity and society.

    We long for the day when people no longer have to say, ‘We can’t breathe’.

    We long for the day when people can say ‘We can breathe the breath of life; we can speak out for justice, truth and fairness’.

    Statement and signatories.

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