Diocese of Manchester

    Returning to Manchester as a new curate

    Adele Bridle will be ordained deacon at Oldham Parish Church on 23 September 2020. She is excited to be returning home to Manchester to begin ministry as a deacon after ordination training in Bristol.

    Adele will be serving at the benefice of Middleton and Thornham. She said "I am looking forward to just getting stuck into full time practical ministry! This first year is going to look quite different to what a normal first year of curacy would look like, but I’m excited because there are so many opportunities to think outside the box in parish ministry, in this strange pandemic season. I pray that out of this difficult season, people in our community will come to know Jesus."

    Adele's journey to ordination has been a long one. She said, "From being about 19 people told me I should be in full time ministry, but it took me eight years to work it out! Eventually, I became more involved in my local Anglican church and started to hear from God that this was his call for me. It took some years to discern, but I now feel like I was designed by God to do this role. I am very grateful for all the people who encouraged me along the way."

    Adele has completed full time residential training at Trinity College Bristol. "It wasn’t always easy but gave me the opportunity to meet other people on a similar journey and I enjoyed studying the Old Testament at MA level. My context Church was a Methodist/Anglican Local Ecumenical Partnership, and I learned a lot from the vicar and minister there. Bristol is a lovely city, but I am a northern girl and it feels good to be home in Manchester", she added. 

    What shaped you on your journey to becoming a deacon?

    "One of the things that shaped me was working out my calling as a woman. In some of the early stages of the discernment process I had a few discouraging experiences. But I worked through these and can honestly say the people I have come to know who think differently to me about women in ministry, have been some of the kindest and most loving people I have ever met. It was so freeing to be able to disagree well and my call was strengthened through that process." 

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