Beware of phishing!

First published on: 30th June 2021

There has recently been an increase in phishing attempts (where a fraudster pretends to be someone else in order to trick you into providing money or data). Many of us will be familiar with these happening via email but text messages are also increasingly being used and are usually being signed off with the name of someone familiar from Church House or within your parish or deanery.

The text reads something like:

  • Hi [Your name],
  • I need a favour from you text me back as soon as you see this message.
  • [Diocesan contact]

If you do respond, it tends to go down the standard ‘please can you buy a gift card for my son/daughter/congregant as I don’t have access to my money right now’ route and is then very easy to spot as a phishing attempt.

This is unfortunately a by-product of being open and transparent with our contact details on the Diocesan Directory. You can review and amend your details and privacy settings which feed the Diocesan Directory here - only details set to Public will be shown.

If at all possible however, please ensure there is at least one email or telephone contact number available for your parish (probably best on your clergy person’s details) - this could be a general email address or mobile phone of course. If you want to publish a general email address, add it in the Email Address 2 field and set it to Public - your usual email address can remain in Email Address 1, set to Diocesan or Private.

If you do receive a text message of this kind, please forward it to 7726 (a free fraud investigation number) and report the number to Action Fraud.

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