Eco Diocese: Going for Silver!

First published on: 2nd September 2021

Thanks to the hard work of local churches, the Diocese of Manchester is looking to convert its bronze Eco Diocese award to a silver.  

Revd Paul Monk with silver award from St Barnabas, Clarksfield

Eighteen churches have risen to the challenge during 2021 by registering with Eco church. Nine have progressed to a bronze award, and one has achieved a silver Eco award. The total of registered churches now stands at 85 and accredited Eco churches at 28 (including seven silver awards).  Every new deanery has at least one Eco church - including churches in areas of high deprivation, inner city, rural and suburban contexts, and new church plants as well as churches in heritage buildings.

Eco church numbers matter. They ensure that more churches achieve a given standard, and that our shared environmental mission is strengthened. Yet the stories behind the numbers, such as these creative responses from three of our newest Eco churches, have greater power to inspire.

butterflySt Thomas, Moorside (Bronze) created a wild plant section as part of a wider, all ages project to improve the church grounds. Sunday School leaders and younger members of the congregation released butterflies there in the hope that they will lay eggs to increase the local butterfly population.

St Barnabas, Clarksfield (Silver) demolished the stage in the parish hall to make space for the church’s food cooperative. New rooms were fitted out with low carbon LED lighting and heating, and wood from the stage was recycled. Each week the new facility distributes nearly three-quarters of a tonne of food otherwise lost to landfill, supporting a community where many are in need.

St Katherine, Blackrod (Bronze) held a Climate Sunday service. Everyone present was given a postcard to send to the local MP, a leaflet from a local refill shop, and suggestions of ways to live gently on God's earth. They were encouraged to write their own small changes on leaves and to hang them on a tree in the hope that it will be covered by harvest.

postcards to send to local MPSmall changes can make a big difference! To find out how your church can join our growing diocesan family of Eco churches, and for resources to support the changes you want to see, visit the Eco church webpage

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