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Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Are you looking for an adventure? An opportunity to deepen your faith with like-minded Christians? 

You are invited to join us on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land taking place from Thursday 2 to 9 November 2023. 

All are welcome; it will be a life-changing experience for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and their faith. You can sign up alone or get a few people together from your church, either way, you will be sure to find yourself in good company for the journey of a lifetime. 

Bishop David explains ‘We will travel together as pilgrims, building understanding and friendships across our Diocese. ‘Our travels through the Holy Land will introduce us to the landscape that shaped Jesus, and teach us to read the Gospels with fresh eyes as we stand on the shore of Lake Galilee, or the Mount of the Transfiguration, or walk through the streets of Jerusalem. ‘We will meet Christians, Jews and Muslims who live in a constant climate of rivalry and fear. I invite you to come prepared to be changed by what you see, and what you will discuss with fellow pilgrims and local people. Expect to be inspired and angered by the situations and contrasts that confront you. We will travel in the spirit of the disciples on the Emmaus Road, whose lives were turned around by their encounter with the risen Christ’. 

We asked Bishop David about his experience of pilgrimage in 2017: 

‘It was life-changing for me to be able to tread in the footsteps of Jesus, to look at places that He would have seen. Seeing the scenery in Galilee, taking a trip on the lake in a boat and imagining what it was like for Him and the first disciples. That really put me in touch with the roots of our faith in a way that I'd never really appreciated before. There is nothing that can replicate the experience of visiting Jerusalem, a place that has been full of worship for so many centuries and the place where the Psalms were first recited in the temple. To be among the people; the successors of those who lived in biblical times. Taking part in a pilgrimage was moving. It was life-changing. And it was really important to do it with others, not just as an individual, but to be part of a group from our diocese. Sharing our journey together, understanding our experiences, and then coming back to bring that into the life of the Diocese in Manchester.'

‘So please do think hard about whether you're able to come and be with us on this next pilgrimage. I know that if you do come, you'll find it a very worthwhile experience. I look forward to seeing you’. 

To find out more about the trip and review the itinerary, please head to MANCHESTER DIOCESAN PILGRIMAGE 2023 – Lightline Pilgrimages

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