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Care of God’s creation is a shared responsibility and joy for every church in the Diocese of Manchester. Though the challenge to think globally about climate change and loss of biodiversity is daunting, the opportunities to make a difference locally in our parishes and communities are real and achievable.
Grow Wild display in Manchester city

Here are some things to think about:

Our worship

Is care of God’s creation part of the warp and weft of your worship? How often are the themes of biodiversity or climate change the focus of praise, prayer or preaching in your church?

Our grounds 

If your church has grounds, do they speak of your care for the environment? In unconsecrated grounds is a community allotment a possibility? If you have a graveyard, does it support biodiversity and spaces for prayer outside? 

Our buildings

All buildings need heat, and most could be better insulated. What have you tried? Is a renewable energy scheme a possibility? Have you switched to a green energy supplier? As with becoming a Fairtrade church, greener churches help create a stronger economic climate for renewables here in the UK and play a part in addressing the injustice at the heart of climate change.

Eco-schools and Eco-churches

Many of our Church of England schools in Manchester are eco-schools. There are opportunities for inter-generational learning here. Eco-church is a parallel path for our churches to explore.

Creation care and Mission Action Planning

There are numerous examples of churches in the diocese that have integrated environmental initiatives into parish Mission Action Plans, reflecting diocesan priorities for growing, nurturing and serving. To discuss how your church might do the same, or address any of the questions above, please contact the Diocesan Environmental Officer: John Hughes on 0161 872 0500 or john_dhughes@yahoo.co.uk

Eco Diocese

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Find out how you can help us become an Eco Diocese.

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