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Stewardship is a familiar word and also something that is essential to help churches grow and impact their communities. But what exactly is stewardship?

Stewardship is understanding the biblical concept of human life, which is that we are created in God’s image to serve His purposes during our time on this earth, which helps prepare us for eternal life to come. Thus, to live as a ‘steward’ is to treat everything we have as not actually being ‘ours’ but instead as being ‘His’, which He has left to us to use wisely and well.

All churches face challenges related to the availability of resources, both human and financial. However, rather than trying to brow-beat, beg or ‘guilt-trip’ people into the generous sharing of their individual means, developing the concept of a stewardship ‘culture’ enables churches to encourage generosity of time , talents and finances in a positive manner. Closely linking as it does with Mission Action Planning, stewardship is the key to every aspect of healthy church life.

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