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Andy Kind with microphone
“Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, Mr Andy Kind!”

So begins another evening’s work for Andy.

“I’d felt a strong calling to give comedy a go,” wrote Andy in his book Stand Up and Deliver. “I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was what God wanted for my life…”

Andy Kind, a stand-up comedian and author, and his family are members of Trinity Community Church in Manchester, a church plant from Holy Trinity (Platt).

Sitting in a coffee shop in Fallowfield, Andy explains how Christianity and comedy have intertwined in his life and developed together.

His mother was a Reader while he was growing up, but it was not until 12 years ago that Andy made a commitment to become a Christian. At the same time he was realising his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian. “Maybe it was God’s plan all along. My gifts as a comedian were given to me by God and I resolved that it would happen... that I would make a career out of standing on stage and making people laugh.” 

Andy briefly considered the ministry but, as he says, “Comedy for me is a form of ministry. I feel I am already in a ministerial job and that happens to be as a comedian. It’s ok – we are allowed to be joyful. You could say I’m an Evangelist for Christianity and comedy.” 

There have been times when, as Andy says, he was “one gig away from giving up”. “My pride took a pounding. But I think God wants me to carry on being a really good comedian.” 

Andy performs around the country, often in churches and recently at Spring Harvest. “I’m seen as a safe pair of hands, I guess, because they know my material is clean! I am a professional comedian who is a Christian not the other way round. I’m not trying to be clean because I am a Christian, I am clean! I’m not trying to be bald, I am bald! It’s just I have a different perspective. 

“I don’t talk about my faith in my comedy but often I do after the show. I got a letter recently, it said, ‘Andy thanks for the comedy and by the way I became a Christian that night’.”

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