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Church Building Grants and Loans

Church Building Grants and Loans are allocated by the diocese, to assist parishes with the cost of building repairs.

What can it be used for?

Parishes can make applications for either a loan or grant to assist with meeting the cost of repairs, restoration and security of the church building.

An application cannot normally be made for assistance with re-ordering, decoration, groundwork, boundary walls or organ restoration. The maximum amount that can be allocated for a grant is £15,000, and for a loan £10,000. Grants and loans awarded are more likely to be of between £3,000 and £5,000.

What are the Criteria?

  • In order that these limited funds may be wisely distributed, any grant award should have the support of the respective Parish, Deanery, Archdeacon and Deanery Pastoral Committee.
  • It is also a requirement that, where necessary, there is professional supervision by a qualified architect.
  • An award is granted on the understanding that the Faculty application is subsequently successful.
  • There is an expectation that parishes applying for grants should have paid their Share in full. All Grants are awarded conditional on the parish paying its Share in full in the year in which the grant is awarded and that relevant Faculty permission is awarded before work commences.
  • Loans are interest-free and are usually awarded over 2 or 3 years.
  • For parishes in a newly formed single parish team or benefice with more than one parish church, if you feel that you have met your Share commitment but others in the team or benefice have not, in exceptional circumstances, the diocese may use its discretion to consider an application. This will only apply for the first two years of a pastoral change.

External Grant Applications

As monies in the Diocesan Church Building Grants and Loan Fund are limited, there is an expectation that all parishes applying for funding will look for external funding also. Here are some places you can apply to for external funding:

Application Process

Parishes must consult with the appropriate Archdeacon or diocesan officer for legal and technical advice before applying for a grant application. You can download the application form via this link: Church Buildings Grants and Loans application form.

For help on Faculty Applications:

Alan Simpson

DAC Secretary

Tel: 0161 828 1419


Information to accompany your application form

It is important that the correct attachments are sent with your application form:

Accounts - these should be complete audited accounts which clearly show where monies are restricted or designated. There should be an aggregate page with the accounts. Parishes with over £100,000 in their accounts need to have compliant accounts - this will be checked before grants are awarded. Parishes which need advice about their accounts should contact the Finance department.

Quotations - The Grants Panel would like to see 2 competitive quotes, however if only one quotation is obtained, the parish could give a reason and inform us if the quotation has been approved by your surveyor or architect.

DAC and Faculty Information

Please see the Church Buildings section of the diocesan website for more information on the Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches (DAC) and the Faculty process.

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