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    Antioch Network: Church Planter (Key Leader)

    Lay Vacancies
    07810 301566
    20 Sep 2020, 5 p.m.

    The Diocese is currently engaged in delivering a strategy for Church growth. Part of this is to plant small scale (up to 50 people) community based churches that themselves plant out others. These are to be planted in areas of significant deprivation in places both where there is a large diversity of languages spoken and where the demographic is predominantly English speaking

    The Diocese of Manchester has established the Antioch Network – this is a separate organisation / employer working closely with the Diocese – and in addition to the existing church planters already recruited, it seeks to recruit 1 more key leader who will be trained to evangelise, disciple, plant churches within deprived estates and train others.

    They will work closely with an ordained pioneer minister who has worked in the UK, receiving training and enhancing their skills to plant and grow churches, encouraging others to do
    the same.

    For full application details click on the weblink above.

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