Communications and Events

The Communications and Events Department finds itself driving communications that affect the profile and reputation of parishes, the diocese, key personnel, mission and growth.

The work of the department is read and seen by millions of people every year and often achieves national coverage. The department has to work to the highest standards and offer a high quality service to parishes, bishops and Church House departments. 

Key areas of work

Parish Communications Service
1. Training
     a. Newsletter and Magazines
     b. Promoting events/publicity
     c. Giving a media interview 
     d. Parish websites
2. Media advice 

1. Website
2. Providing a Press Officer role to the Bishop

Publications (to parishes and across diocese)
1. Diocesan Website
2. CRUX 
3. Briefing
4. Directory
5. Annual Report
6. Mailing
7. eNews 
8. Newsletters (Education, Readers, etc.)
9. Posters/publicity leaflets/letterheads
10. Videos
11. Social Media

The key aspects to the media function are:
a) Producing regular news releases
b) Providing a 24 hr reactive press service
c) Providing a cuttings service
d) Supporting mission initiatives
e) Developing a specialist list of spokespeople available for comment
f) Provide training for clergy and parishes on raising their own profile and communicating good news. 

Events at which we have a diocesan presence:
Christian Resources Exhibition (2012, 2014)
Wedding Shows 
Churches Mind (mental health)
Green and Gentle Footprint (Sustainability)

For more general and parish events, see the Events page.

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