Manchester Diocese Board of Education Children's Work Officer

The Children's Work Officer is Mrs Karen Beale. She provides the following services to parishes in the diocese:


  • Regular Enews
  • Inserts into clergy mailing
  • 'Networking' via Deanery Links and fostering inter-parish contacts
  • Links with other organisations and campaigns, e.g. Christian Aid, MANYOG


  • Advises visitors to the Resource Centre at Church House
  • Purchases and recommends new resources
  • Produces or commissions packs on various topics


  • Annual training programme, toured around the diocese
  • Contributes to management and delivery of 'Core Skills' courses
  • Inputs to ministerial training programmes
  • Organises and contributes to special events, e.g. diocesan conferences, children's services
  • Preaching
  • Manages the Bishop's Certificate in Children's Ministry, levels 1, 2 and 3
  • Contributes to the management and leadership of the Church Colleges' Certificate in Children's Ministry.


  • Response to requests from parishes and other bodies, e.g. Mothers' Union, Deanery Synods or Chapters on a variety of topics.
  • Admission of Children to Communion before Confirmation: promotion, advice, research, production of resources.
  • Child Protection (Safeguarding): general enquiries
  • Support parishes in achieving the Child Friendly Church Award.


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The Children’s Officer is here to help you develop your work with children, but sometimes it can be hard to identify exactly what you need!