The Manchester Diocese Board of Education provides education for over 50,000 children in 11 secondary schools and 179 primary schools.

Church of England schools are distinctive from their neighbouring schools in terms of their leadership and management, their ethos, and their religious education and collective worship, which are distinctively Christian.

The Board of Education carries out statutory functions and provides support for nearly 200 schools that includes:

  • support for Church schools’ leadership and management, including the recruitment, selection, induction and on-going training of headteachers and deputies;
  • support for schools causing concern;
  • appointment, support, training and guidance for governors;
  • inspection under Section 48 of the Education Act 2006;
  • advice and guidance regarding the RE curriculum and collective worship;
  • support for clergy in their relationships with schools;
  • regular cluster group meetings and an annual conference;
  • review of, and advice regarding, school admissions;
  • a range of services regarding schools’ buildings and finances.

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Requesting consent from the Board of Education

School governing bodies must ask the Board before:

  • publishing proposals for any prescribed alteration to the school;
  • publishing proposals for the discontinuance of a school;
  • serving notice of an intention to discontinue the school;
  • consulting about proposed admission arrangements for any school year;
  • publishing proposals for changing the character of a school.

School governing bodies must have consent of the Board in writing which must then go to the Secretary of State before alteration or repair which requires a grant.

The trustees of any church endowment held in connection with a church school must gain advice from the Board before agreeing to any alterations being made.