Gift Aid

Key contact: Susan Warren, Diocesan Gift Aid Adviser

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid was introduced in 2000, replacing the ‘Deed of Covenant’ scheme and the Gift Aid Scheme for larger one off donations. It has proved very successful since its introduction, with the straightforward procedure significantly increasing tax reclaimed by charities.

Gift Aid enables basic rate tax to be reclaimed by Charities registered with HM Revenue and Customs on donations they have received, subject to certain terms and conditions.

2013 will see the introduction on 6th April of the new Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme. This new Scheme is intended to deal with ‘small’ cash donations and in no way should be seen as replacing Gift Aid.

Gift Aid and the Diocese of Manchester

Manchester Diocese provides a full-time advisor, Sue Warren, to assist parishes with both understanding the requirements of the national Gift Aid Scheme, and making claims. Although all parishes are able to contact Sue for assistance, parishes registered in the diocesan ‘Gift Aid Lite’ scheme are given priority attention to enable regular, HMRC-compliant claiming.

Our diocese also operates an ‘Audit Inspection Scheme’ in liaison with the HMRC, as well as providing regular training and updates for gift aid secretaries and treasurers. There are numerous examples of parishes having fallen behind with their claims, or experiencing problems due to a number of reasons, where the expert help available from Sue has turned the situation around.

So, whatever your Gift Aid situation - all you need to do is ask!

The material on this website gives an overview of the requirements and provides links to further forms and information.