Stepping Stones

connecting well sharing lives welcoming all growing Christians growing Christians

Stepping Stones aims to do two things:

  1. Encourage all Christian people and churches that sharing the Christian faith, evangelism, is possible
  2. Show that church-based evangelism involves having a simple plan in place to provide people with opportunities to take steps towards faith in God through Jesus Christ.

So, here are the key features of Stepping Stones:

  • Church based – church as a good environment for Christian growth
  • Simple plan – getting organised to help people grow 
  • Offering steps – small steps for anyone, at any stage – Stepping Stones
  • Towards God – steps in the right direction, growing in Christian faith.

and what is it?

  • Ideas and resources - most will be found here on the hub
  • Training events – look out for Stepping Stones events
  • Sharing stories – on the hub and internet
  • Audit tool – to assess which steps you already have in place, and which you don't!

and most importantly …

  • Collaboration – you can add to Stepping Stones – every page had a ‘contribution link’ for you to suggest an idea, tell a story, submit a video.   1. Connecting Well 2. Sharing Lives 3. Welcoming All 4. Nurturing Faith 5. Growing Christians

Stepping Stones downloads

On each page there are links to resources and websites. Click to see what’s there!


Here are some resources about the whole strategy – you can use these in your church.

Stepping Stones leaflet

• PowerPoint presentation for your PCC or leadership team about using Stepping Stones as a strategy for developing evangelism

• Audit Tool… coming soon! You will be able to use this to assess which stepping stones you provide for people, and where the gaps are!