Self supporting

Not all priests are paid for being priests. An increasing number, like OLMs, carry on with their work, where of course they continue to bear witness to God, and offer such time as is appropriate and realistic to a parish or institution for preaching, leading worship and pastoral care. Such priests are known as: 

Non-stipendiary Minister (NSM): NSMs are people who offer their time, whether alongside having another job or not, as parish priests but without financial remuneration. Like stipendiary ministers they are deployed by agreement with the license of the bishop. In some dioceses NSMs are now referred to as SSMs – Self-Supporting Ministers.

Ministers in Secular Employment – (MSE): MSEs exercise their ordained ministry primarily in their place of work. They are paid by their employer to do their job, but they see themselves as having also a priestly ministry in that place of work, which may or may not be recognised by the employer. They are not employed as chaplains, but may well act as if chaplains to those who seek their help.

Ordained Local Minister (OLM): Ordained Local Ministers are similar to NSMs in that they do not receive financial remuneration. They differ from NSMs in that they are people whose local parish has put them forward for selection and training and ordination to be “local” ministers in their home parish. Their calling is to return to their home parish and be a minister there, rather than to go somewhere else. Manchester Diocese has over 100 OLMs in the diocese.

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