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Claiming DBF Fees

“With reducing numbers of stipendiary clergy and fresh patterns of shared ministry the Church relies heavily on Retired Clergy, NSMs, OLMs and Readers. The Church should be seen to promote good practice in ministry and a proper balance between the financial needs of the Church and the principle of the labourer being worthy of hire.

In the light of this, this Diocesan Synod believes that all ministers not in receipt of a full stipend or in full time employment should be entitled to receive two thirds of the Diocesan Board of Finance (DBF) fee for weddings and funerals, undertaken at the request of the incumbent, provided they undertake the associated pastoral visiting and preparation. Fees should be reimbursed at the agreed rate and all claims should be via the DBF on an appropriate claim form and the DBF should develop policies and procedures to enable good practice.” - DS127/05 Parochial Fees, Bolton Deanery Synod Motion, 127 Session Diocesan Synod. 12th Feb 2013

The DBF recognises the importance of all Retired Clergy, Non-Stipendiary Clergy and Readers working across our diocese. To better support this vital ministry, the DBF has updated and amended the guidance and claim forms for claiming a fee from the diocese. This is to modernise the claim processes, removing the reliance on paper documents and increasing the speed of repayments and claims. The guidance below should be used for all services conducted from January 2024. New claim forms will be issued annually with the amounts claimable updated.

All forms should be completed electronically and emailed to

Relating only to retired stipendiary clergy.

Occasional offices guidance for RSC

RSC occasional offices 2024 claims form

RSC casual duty 2024 claims form

Relating to non-stipendiary clergy with licence or PTO, who are not current or retired stipendiary clergy.

Occasional offices guidance for NSC

Relating to both Readers and Readers Emeritus

Occasional offices guidance for Readers

For use by non-stipendiary clergy with licence or PTO, and who are not current or retired stipendiary clergy, Readers and Readers Emeritus.

NSC & LLM Occasional offices claims form

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