Full detailed guidance on Gift Aid from HMRC can be found at here
The Parish Resources website also offers good guidance



In October 2015, HM Revenue and Customs announced a further amendment to the tax warning on Gift Aid Declarations. This new wording will come into effect for new donors with effect from 6 April 2016.

  • All blank regular declarations will need to be changed (including any provided in appeal literature, sponsorship forms and on websites etc.)


  • One off Envelopes –

o HMRC have given a concession for any stocks of envelopes purchased from a supplier to be used up after this date.

o Any envelopes produced by your Church will need to be changed for use after 6 April 2016.

o There is no requirement to replace existing declarations.


Sample forms are available (see forms and envelopes section) and have been approved by HMRC.

The Diocese can take no responsibility for any subsequent amendment to these forms.


Useful links

There is a wealth of good information available. Listed below are just a few.

HM Revenue and Customs – for guidance and up to date news and forms 

Parish Resources – a wealth of information on all aspects of Church Life 

Data Developments – software provider – also provides a useful booklet – 

ACACT (Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers)  

Envelope Suppliers – (a selection of the firms providing this services)