A Church Near You

A Church Near You (ACNY) www.achurchnearyou.com is a shop window for every single church in the country. It is a free website provided by the Church of England for parishes to maintain up-to-date basic information about their churches, services and other events.

It is very important that the information on A Church Near You is kept up to date and that potential new visitors can find you and contact you. It’s your opportunity to show what you offer, and make it as easy as possible for people to find you and get in contact.

Churches on A Church Near You are not edited centrally but by people in the parishes.

To update your own church you need to become its editor.

Visit the Quick Start page on ACNY for information on how to register and add the church you want to edit to your account. The transfer request will need to be approved by the Manchester Diocese administrator for A Church Near You before you can make any changes. It may take up to a few days to approve your request.

Once approved, you can edit the details of your church to include contact details, details of services and events, a link to your main parish website and photos.

To find out how your church can make the most of ACNY, please contact Talitha Proud, talitha.proud@churchofengland.org