Diocesan Synod

Diocesan Synod, Board of Finance and associated committees

The Diocesan Synod is the main policy-making body of the diocese and the forum for the discussion of issues important in diocesan life.

The Synod meets three times a year usually in March, June and November. Membership is elected every three years.

Members of the newly elected Synod are then invited to put forward nominations in the elections to the various diocesan boards and committees. Again, those elected will serve for three years.

Membership of the Diocesan Synod is co-terminus with the Board of Finance, therefore members elected to Diocesan Synod are automatically members of the Board of Finance.

Meetings of the Board of Finance are usually held on the same day as Diocesan Synod but must be marked as a separate meeting and noted as an entity in its own right.

Useful documents

Diocesan Synod Standing Orders
Introduction to Diocesan Synod for new members
Co-terminus Membership of Diocesan Synod and Board of Finance 2015-18

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