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Guidance from the Church of England Education Office

The legislation makes it clear that all schools should approach RSHE in a faith sensitive and inclusive way, seeking to explain fairly the tenets and varying interpretations of religious communities on matters of sex and relationships and teach these viewpoints with respect. The Church of England Education Office supports the approach taken by the government, including recommending an age-appropriate provision of sex education at primary level, and is issuing a Charter which we hope schools of all foundations, faiths or otherwise will sign up to as they affirm the broad principles about how RSHE is taught.

Further links to resources and the CE Charter can be found here.          

Manchester Diocesan Guidance can be accessed via this link.


Relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education

The new curriculum has been compulsory from September 2020. Schools were required to start teaching from that date if they met the statutory requirements. If they were not ready, or were unable to meet the requirements, they should begin teaching by at least the start of the summer term 2021. Please refer to: Relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education.


School Improvement

As part of the Service Level Agreement, the Board of Education is committed to helping schools to continually strengthen their leadership and management, and maintaining schools Christian distinctiveness. We do this through providing advice and training to headteachers, teaching staff, clergy and school governors.

The Department identifies schools causing concern in six ways: those placed in Ofsted categories of Special Measures or Serious Weaknesses; those judged by Ofsted as Requires Improvement; those under DfE scrutiny; those below floor standards; those placed in local authority categories of concern; and those of direct concern to the diocese.

For more information, please contact Deborah Smith, Director of Education.

Children at St Mary's Moss Side awarded Best School
Children at St Mary's Moss Side awarded Best School

For more information on the content of the SLA, please contact Deborah Smith.
For queries on invoices or the charging of the SLA, please contact Vaneeta Patel

For more information on the support available from the diocese, please contact Deborah Smith.

We have sustained or grown the proportion of church school places in each local authority. Further demographic growth is expected in the future.

For more information and advice on the growing and re-organisation of church schools, please contact Deborah Smith.


Dear Lord, at this time we pray for school leaders that you will give them peace and wisdom to make the right decisions. Help them to manage the demands of the government, with the needs of the children, the needs and wants of parents and the desires of staff. Help all who work in schools to stay safe as they currently care for the children of key workers and vulnerable children and work towards the next steps of reopening.

We pray for peace for all those anxious about the reopening of schools potentially from 1st June and the risks that carries with it. We pray that the right decisions will be made. We ask for good discussions to take place between the government and the teaching unions and that there will be positive outcomes from these.

We give thanks that some families have been able to spend quality time together during lockdown. We also pray for those families who have found lockdown challenging; for some because they are struggling to meet the needs of their children; for others who are balancing trying to work from home whilst also home educating their children; while others are facing financially difficulty or suffering from ill health.

We give thanks for the many different agencies that have supported schools as they continue to meet the wide ranging needs of their communities and we pray that the new partnerships formed will go from strength to strength.

Overall we pray, Lord, that you will protect the children in our schools and keep them well in body and in mind and we pray that we will overcome this virus so that children can return to school safely. Lord in your mercy; Hear our prayer.


A prayer from a School Governor

They just talk and talk. Lord, this is what teachers have found when children have recently joined the provision for key workers having been at home for weeks.

Father of us all, our children are suffering. Adults in their homes may be too busy to talk to them. They miss their friends and they miss just talking. They are under-stimulated.

Lord, bring healing to body, mind and soul of our children especially as they start to return to school and give staff great skill in supporting and helping these children as they rediscover relationships outside the home and talk and talk.

In Jesus name. Amen.

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