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We want to see all God’s people, both lay and ordained, deepening their personal faith, becoming confident in their calling as disciples of Jesus Christ and actively living out faith in church and the world. 

To achieve these aims, we:

  • Have established a Prayer Community, encouraging all lay and ordained people in the diocese to say the Lord’s Prayer and Diocesan prayer each day, leading to an increase in both personal and collective spiritual growth.
  • Recruit, train and commission focal leaders, to support local mission, ministry and growth across our parishes.
  • Encourage and resource all church members to regularly participate in discipleship development, including participating in courses and using other resources provided through parishes and mission communities.
  • Ensure the #MoreThanSunday programme is accessible and available for delivery in every mission community, to inspire everyday faith in everyone seven days a week.
  • Ensure the #ManDioGrowingFaith programme is able to support children and young people in confidently exploring and growing their faith in Jesus - in their homes, their churches and their schools.
  • Continue to develop and grow the Foundations for Ministry, Authorised Lay Ministry and General Lay Pathway courses to ensure that all lay training supports our mission aims of Growing, Nurturing and Serving
  • Promote the vocation and ministry of lay church officers in our parishes and our other lay governance leaders, including Church Wardens, PCC Secretaries and Treasurers, and provide programmes of support and development for everyone in these roles.
  • Establish leadership pathways for lay leaders, including PCC members and those supporting local and diocesan governance at all levels, to ensure that our leaders are appropriately equipped for their roles and leading with confidence and faith.

You can find more information and training courses on the Development and Training section of our website.

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