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Logo and Visual Identity

Our brand guidelines

Brand Guidelines Powerpoint File - Updated DEC 23


How to use our logo

‘Church for a Different World’ can be used as both a logo and a headline.

The Diocese of Manchester logo should always be seen with the ‘Church for a Different World’ lock up, regardless of whether or not it is being repeated as a headline.


Diocese of Manchester CFADW Logo

JPG (CMYK) for print

PNG (RGB) for screens

PNG white (RGB)



Open Sans is our primary font, this is a system font that should be easily accessible to all. Both regular and bold weights can be used. We also use Cabin for some titling.

Open Sans



The colour palette is made of six colours.
The greens and blues can be used for backgrounds. Avoid using red and yellow as a background.



Direction on Photography

Photography should be natural and unaffected by treatments. The content should be natural and where possible should be people focused.

Useful Links

Diocese of Manchester Photography Consent Form - Download

Your church as a film location



Download our presentation template


Download our letterhead


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