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Safer Recruitment

If you are applying to work with either children and/or vulnerable adults for an organisation, in either a voluntary or paid capacity, you will need to apply for an enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check.

DBS checks are administered on behalf of the Diocese of Manchester by thirtyone:eight, and are just one part of the process to ensure safer recruitment.

The following guidance around DBS checks has been provided by thirtyone:eight who complete the checks for us. They are continuing to monitor the situation with regard to the outbreak of the Coronavirus and in partnership with the DBS, are reviewing their guidance and processes to keep you updated with the latest changes to our standard operating procedures and advice.

Applying for an Enhanced DBS disclosure online - a step-by-step guide to submitting your DBS application online 

To apply for a DBS check

Please visit the website or call 0303 003 1111.

The impact of Coronavirus on DBS checks

As the public is being advised to work from home where possible, this is causing difficulties in receiving the physical documents and is delaying applications and, in some cases, preventing applications from being submitted.

To ensure the necessary checks can still be carried out, the DBS standard and enhanced ID checking guidance has been changed for a temporary period.

The change has enabled:

  • ID documents to be viewed over video link


  • scanned images to be used in advance of the DBS check being submitted

The applicant will be required to present the original versions of these documents when they first attend their employment or volunteering role.

If it is still not possible for someone to renew their DBS whilst self-isolating or shielding, even in the light of the new arrangements provided by the DBS, then unfortunately the PTO will need to lapse until the DBS can be renewed. Clear records of any clergy to whom this applies should be kept. Once the individual is no longer self-isolating, the DBS may be applied for and the PTO renewed, subject to all other criteria being met.

In the same way, if your organisation was supporting an adult before self-isolation because of their vulnerability (e.g. age, illness, disability, etc.) then this would qualify them for a DBS if that same level of support continues albeit in a slightly different format.

If a person is receiving support because of self-isolation (or forced if the government chooses to restrict movement) then they are not, as defined by the DBS, an adult at risk or an adult with care and support needs (Care Act 2014) and eligibility would therefore be unlikely.

Do call the Disclosure Helpline if you need more specific advice (0303 003 1111 option 1).

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