Deanery Synods

While the diocese is served by the Diocesan Synod, each deanery has its own policy-making body, known as a Deanery Synod. 

The principles are very much the same and the Deanery Synods are able to consider and discuss issues that affect and that are important to that particular area. Deanery Synods are also able to request the Diocesan Synod considers particular items; in recent years items concerning Parochial Fees and the National Living Wage have been passed on to Diocesan Synod from the deaneries.

A Deanery Synod is chaired by the Area Dean and the Deanery Lay Chair. It is made up of representatives elected by each parish within that particular deanery. The number of representatives for each parish is dependent on the electoral roll of that parish. Membership of Deanery Synod is for three years.

Each deanery appoints a Deanery Synod Secretary to provide administration for the Deanery Synod and to keep a record of the members. For information about the current membership of your Deanery Synod contact your Area Dean, Deanery Lay Chair or Deanery Synod Secretary.

Take a look at our Guidance notes and deanery role descriptions

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