Coordinated Admissions

For VA/Foundation and Academies the Governing Board are the admissions authority.  For VC schools this is the responsibility of the Local Authority.

Coordinated admission is the government statutory initiative which provides an easier process for allocating each child a place at either a primary or secondary school. Voluntary Aided schools, foundation schools, academies and free schools are advised to liaise with their local authorities and to send their determined admission arrangements to their LA by 15 March each year, even when no changes have been made.

School Admissions (Coordination of Admission Arrangements) (England) Regulations 2012, as amended in 2014, is available at

Where changes are proposed, there must be consultation on the proposed changes, as required by the School Admissions Code. Copies of your Local Authority's Coordinated Scheme for Admissions must be published on the LA's website each year. The LA is also required to publish each year a composite prospectus setting out the admissions arrangements (including any supplementary forms) for each of the state-funded schools in the LA's area.

Aided schools must consult with the Board of Education before going to statutory consultation, unless they wish to amend their policies further. Policies should be sent to Liam Eaglestone, Deputy Director of Education


Admissions Builder

The Admissions Builder has been designed to help schools and dioceses when setting admissions arrangements. Initially this has been released to dioceses, to help in our role issuing guidance to schools and in working with you on admissions issues as well as ensuring any proposed changes come to the diocese before public consultation. Individual schools can also access the weblink directly. You can access  the Admissions Builder via the Church of England’s website at

The school will need to separately generate its SIF, the catchment area map itself and the standard Minister/ Faith Leader Verification Form (for those who prefer pre-decimal terminology, the ‘Clergy Reference Letter’). For details regarding what specific information can and cannot be requested in the SIF please refer to Section 2:4 of The School admissions Code

School Admission authorities are required to annually review arrangements and how those admission arrangements reflect the school's vision and mission as a Church of England school, serving the common good.

For further advice regarding School Admissions please contact Liam Eaglestone, Deputy director of Education / 07384 254262.

Updated admissions advice is sent to Headteachers and Chairs of Governors as appropriate.

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