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Believe Enquirer courseBelieve - Reflections on the Creed is a six-part series exploring the treasures of our faith as expressed in the Nicene Creed. It is suitable for use with the new English translation. Ideal for Lent, RCIA, small groups, and schools, it is presented by David Payne in various locations including the Holy Land, Nicaea, Rome, Oxford, Cambridge and London.

Session 1 - Why we believe

Session 2 - How we believe

Session 3 - The Almighty Father

Session 4 - The Lord Jesus Christ

Session 5 - The Holy Spirit and the Church

*Session 6 - The Coming Kingdom

Each session lasts approximately 35 minutes.

*Following a posthumous investigation into Jean Vanier of L'Arche, we are very sorry to have to warn you that a short interview with him appears in Session 6 of the DVD, and very short extracts of this interview are at the beginning of Sessions 1 and 4, and in the trailer. This DVD is provided by a third party, so we are unfortunately unable to edit these sections out. We highly recommend that you fast-forward through these. The interview and the short extracts have been removed from the downloadable version.

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